Messiah WBS

Master Bible Study Charts

Blank Charts to help facilitate Bible Study (6-page handout)


Paul’s Letter to the Colossians:
Made Complete in Christ

Reading, homework, small group discussion and lecture


 Survey of Paul’s Life and Letters:
The Messenger & Message of God’s Grace 

Mostly Reading and lectures with a few weekly questions


The Book of Ruth

Complete set of All Ruth Handouts (lecture & some class work)


50-Week Chapter-a-Day Reading Program through the Biblical Story (reading & lectures)

The Old Testament readings for Weeks 1-26 (67-page handout)

The New Testament readings for Weeks 27-50 (52-page handout)


Eleven-Week study of the Epistle to the Colossians (reading, homework & lectures) 

Complete set of All Colossians Handouts (55-page handout)


Thirteen-Week study on the Twelve Tribes of Israel (reading, homework & lectures)

All Handouts and Homework for the “12 Tribes of Israel” Study (60-page handout)


Ten-Week study on the Geography of the Bible (reading & lectures)

Complete Set of Handouts for “Geography of the Bible” Study  (111-page handout!)


 I hope to post more studies throughout the summer months

(All handouts are in .pdf format unless otherwise stated)


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  1. Adrienne Brewster

    I think the answer you gave to Tammi in morning BS class was beautiful and right on. All of us get caught up in guilt for not doing everything we think we should be doing and whether we are following God’s call or not and you gave her a very clear, understandable view of how to discern, as much as humanly possible, the pull of the Holy Spirit on our lives. I agree with every word you said, but couldn’t begin to put in in words as beautifully as you. God has given you a special gift and I am so grateful that you are using it to help others and Messiah women at this particular time. Thanks for your commitment to our Lord and Savior, it is a witness to all of us.

    Love in Christ,

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