Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 29 2016

Week 9: Wanderings in Numbers

Balaam and the donkey

Numbers gets its title because in chapters 1 and 26 we find the men of Israel numbered. But that is not the main theme of the book. In the midst of wilderness wanderings and numberless murmurings, God can be seen amply supplying their every need. The lesson presented in this book still needs to be …

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Feb 19 2016

Week 8: Exodus – Deuteronomy: The Law

Depiction of a scroll containing Torah written in Hebrew

Often times this is when people get bogged down in their efforts to read the Bible straight through…all the statutes, edicts, law, commandments, judgments, etc of Torah, particularly Leviticus, can feel a bit overwhelming, and truthfully, a bit archaic!  While reading the few samples provided in our selections this week, try not to get too …

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Feb 14 2016

Week 7: Exodus 15-40 Mt. Sinai

Thunder and fire surrounding Mt. Sinai where God inscribed the 10 Commandments on the tablets for Moses and the Israelites.

Genesis began as a family. Exodus opened with that family becoming a nation. Exodus concludes with that nation becoming the chosen vessel of God to share His blessings with the world. This is where the Top Ten comes in! But, um, there were a few hiccups along the way. Exodus 15-Numbers 10 has the Israelites …

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Feb 06 2016

Week 6: Exodus 1-14 Moses & The Exodus

God parting the Red Sea before the Hebrew children start to escape over to the other side.

Exodus means the way out. In Genesis, God calls the patriarchs as individuals; in Exodus, He calls a people to Himself. His call is threefold: “Let My people go” “that they may serve Me,” “that they may hold a feast unto Me,” and “that they may do sacrifice.” He is still seeking those who will serve …

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