Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 29 2016

Week 5: Genesis 37-50 Joseph

The favored son of Rebekah grows up to show favoritism to one of his own boys...and even in that...God orchestrated it for the good of the family and Egypt.

According to, Jeremiah 29:11 is the most searched verse in the Bible. But as for me, there is just something about a verse found in this week’s readings that goes so much deeper and pierces the heart to the core. Genesis 50:20! We shall discover that rascals beget rascals…and yet even still…God works in …

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Jan 22 2016

Week 4: Genesis 23-36 Isaac and Jacob

God demonstrating His patience and care for Jacob

This week we will read about a bunch of conniving and deceiving choices. If you read of all of Genesis straight through you kind of get a picture that all the bad characteristics are genetic…handed down from parents to children But amazingly, we also get to discover the joy of serving a God who can …

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Jan 16 2016

Week 3: The Book of Job

Job with his friends trying to make sense of it all

Job appears nearly half way through the Bible as it is ordered in our books. But chronologically it seems to have occurred during what is called the Patriarchal age (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). Some of the reason it is thought to be during this time span is because Job’s life appears to have been after the …

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Jan 08 2016

Week 2: Genesis 12-22 Father Abraham

The stars as seen in Big Abram was promised that his descendants would outnumber even the stars seen here!

In Week 2’s passages we learn a lot about Father Abraham and how things seemed to work during the Patriarchal era. While you read each passage, it may prove helpful to ask the Lord to show you a bit of Himself as well as a bit of your ownself. Just click on the picture below …

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Jan 01 2016

Week 1: Genesis 1-11

Introduction to 2016 Reading Plan (about 1 chapter a day)

01 Introduction & Week 1 Genesis 1-11 By reading one chapter a day for the next 350 days, an overview of God’s Story as contained in the Bible can be read. Attached below is a 10-page pdf file containing an introduction to the whole reading program, a bird’s eye view of the Bible, all 350 portions …

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