Monthly Archive: July 2010

Jul 07 2010

Project 66 – Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel

Ruth 1:16-1

Three days into my travels without a CD player or iPod has compelled me all the more to keep my focus on the Lord and His word, mostly Project 66. It’s amazing how I can scarce keep my focus on prayer for more than 5 minutes but I can rehash a memory or a “what-if” …

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Jul 04 2010

Project 66 – Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua are the next three books we are looking at through one verse per book. From blessings, to curses turned to blessing, to the fulfillment of those blessings…that’s what we have in store for today! May it be so in our own lives, no matter where we are at in our journey with Him.