Monthly Archive: June 2010

Jun 29 2010

Project 66 – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus

Finding comfort in God's Word

It takes just 66 hours to read the Bible straight through (no stopping to ponder the why’s and wherefore’s just yet). What verses would you choose to represent each book of the Bible? I am undertaking that very task and am being greatly blessed by it.

Jun 05 2010


Make me a Servant, Lord

It is one to be able to say we are not idolaters because we do not worship wood or stone. But do we concern ourselves with others more than we do the Lord? Make it our mission to please them, even before pleasing the Lord? Here is what Amy had to say about it.

Jun 04 2010

Your Joy

Zambezi Sunset

What shall strengthen us during the drought? During the famine of our lives? During our sorrow?

Jun 01 2010

I Hate Change (at least I thot I did)

God working changes in us

If you find yourself echoing Beth March’s sentiments from Little Women, “I hate change,” then perhaps this thought from Malachi 3:6 will turn your mourning into joy!