Monthly Archive: January 2010

Jan 20 2010

In the time of Crisis

Off to a new trail! A few friends and I are going to study through the book of Joshua at a nice slow pace, which is more suitable for blogging than my Jehu-paced read through of the Bible in Chronological order (using the NIV Daily Bible: In Chronological Order Bible). So a few scrambled ramblings …

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Jan 11 2010

Fare for Egypt

Genesis 13:1-18

This One-Year Reading Bible plan is not for a person like me who cannot resist the urge to chase after frogs, and meander off the trail. So I hereby, henceforth, do now bequeath unto me, the liberty to run after rabbits or to stop to smell the roses! That being said, I’m going back to Genesis 12-13, …

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Jan 07 2010

A Tangent (from the Psalms)!

WARNING: This is a long one! Though my hope for this year is to study half of the Psalms, I’m also attempting to read the Bible through chronologically. I know reading should only take about 3-5 minutes per chapter, but things just capture my attention, and after that butterfly I follow. All that to say…I …

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Jan 02 2010

Psalm 2

Seems like the theme of Psalm 2 is similar to the first Psalm. Comparing the last verse of each chapter, we have those whom the Lord knows and those who opt to not know Him. Psalm referring to Jesus This Psalm ultimately refers to Jesus Christ and the plotting that occurred against Him. The fulfillment of this …

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