Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 29 2008


Yesterday we heard Gad tell David to get up out of the stronghold and to go to the dangerous place where Saul lived in Judah. And if he had not pay heed, the Keliahites would not have been able to send word to request his help. So even in the midst of crisis and trials …

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Feb 28 2008

David Takes the High Road

A lot has happened in David’s life in the last 6 chapters. After heroically slaying Goliath and the ensuing fame that came with it, David became the son-in-law of the king as well as best buds with the Crown Prince. He valiantly confronted the many dangers from the Philistines, survived several attempts on his life …

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Feb 26 2008

An Era David would just as soon Forget

1 Samuel 21 opens up with David, in leaving on a bleak road where all what is certain is behind him, and all what is uncertain is ahead of him, does a great thing — he goes to the house of the Lord.Lieing.I would love to excuse David’s lying here as I would have done …

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Feb 25 2008

Healthy Relationship

Well, I missed my time with God Saturday night to look over 1 Samuel 20 together. I was going to do and try two of them tonight, but because of the extremely busy weekend, and the extremely late start I’m getting on today’s rendevouz, I may try to make up the chapter tomorrow instead. (Aside …

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Feb 23 2008

Family Full of Emotions

Seems like where ever Saul is there is a wide range of emotions. 1 Samuel 19 isnt any different! I’m struck by the conundrum Jonathan finds himself. Not only does he have a strong covenantal friendship with David, but he also has a clear understanding that David is to be the next king. But the …

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