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CommunicatingGrace is just the ramblings of someone who loves Jesus, traveling, and anything Adobe!

  • The Ramblings tab consist of travelogues as well as devotional thoughts regarding the bible and Christianity.
  • The MWBS tab consists of some handouts that were created for a variety of Bible Studies.
  • The Design tab is a collection of links that offer good tutorials on Adobe products.


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  1. Paige Lollis

    We miss you already Deborah. We love you! Prayerfully, P&G

  2. Paige

    Still missing you sistah!

    1. deblein

      Then come join me!!

  3. Jennifer D'Andria

    We missed you yesterday at Bible Study! Your trip looks amazing:) Enjoy
    every moment of God’s beauty.

    1. deblein

      I sure miss you all too Jennifer! I hope it is a good Bible Study!
      I’ve been creating those handouts for the God’s Story Chronological Bible Reading Plan for the last year, so I will be looking for a new study to do come 2015! I’m thinking about creating a crossword puzzle for all the books of the Bible….sounds kind of fun…to have to come up with the clues and such! Have a great rest of the year sister!

  4. Paige

    Happy Bitthday Deborah! So glad God created you. Missing you. Love, Paige & George

    1. deblein

      Thank you sweet Paige and George and Christmas! it was a good birthday with an indulgent dinner at Chipotle and delightfully homemade apple pie by none other than Paula! I miss you all!

  5. JesusGeorgePaige

    Where will you be woddling & gobbling for Thanksgiving! Traveling Turkey Van…

    1. deblein

      I’m going to see what my sister-in-law’s sister is doing, and perhaps hit her up for Thanksgiving (she’s in Pensacola). Otherwise, i’ll keep with my same meal choices:
      2 Clementines
      1 banana
      handful of trail mix
      handful of popcorn from my Walmart tin!
      1 cup of grape juice

      Crackers and Celery and Peanut Butter
      1 Clementine
      a slice of peppered beef jerky
      handful of popcorn!

      soup or
      pb&j or
      rice & beans or

      it’s amazing how little I think about food since I’ve been traveling (though I sure do appreciate it when I have a fantastic spread put in front of me like by Ivan and Nina or Suann and Larry or Billy or the Hagens or the Fleegers or my boss). Whatever weight I lose along the journey I gain by visiting those folks!!

      But I will be home for Christmas with Clay and Jill and the kids. I look forward to a non-solared hot shower!

  6. JesusGeorgePaige

    Still missing you!

  7. JesusGeorgePaige

    We went “batty” over your post card. Grateful you are discovering all God’s amazingness on your travels!

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